Automatic wire drawing machine for drawing wire in different calibres

Wire drawing machine for drawing steel iron wires/drawing machine

Wire drawing machine

The wire drawing machine, manufactures wire drawing. Part of the steel wire rod as raw material and reduces its diameter as much as you want.

It is the initial machine, indispensable to process steel wire and metallic mesh in its different applications.

With this machine you will not have to worry about buying and keeping in stock a lot of different diameters of black wire or galvanized wire.

By having this machine, you will only have to buy the wire rod in its primary state and you will be able to reduce its diameter for all kinds of uses.

Whether you market wire in different diameters or manufacture various types of mesh, our wire drawing machine is indispensable to work with all possibilities of diameters.

automatic machine for drawing wire in different calibres

rollers for wire drawing

How does it work? 

The wire drawing machine consists of 6 parts:

  1. Calamine stripping machine: Removes calamine from wire rod.

When the rod is in its most primary state, it contains a thin but significant layer of iron, a product of its hot production process.

This machine then removes the calamine so that the drawing process is fluid and effective.

2. Wire sharpening machine:

It is used to sharpen the tip of round wire to obtain a pointed shape.

The aim of this first step is to facilitate the entry of the wire into the wire drawing machine, as it uses some drawing cones in which it is easier and more fluid work for the drawing machine if the wire already comes with the shape of these cones.

Raw wire sharpening machine

given for drawing raw wire

We present a detail of how the drawing step is carried out.

Due to its conical shape, the wire fits easily into the drawing die and the reduction in diameter is fluid.

3. Wire drawing machine: :

It’s the biggest and main machine in the whole system. It is in charge of receiving the sharpened wire and gradually reducing its diameter.

We present a simple diagram of the work flow of the wire drawing machine.

steel wire drawing process

The wire rod (sharpened with machine 2) enters the first drawing die, is pulled and led to the next drawing step until the desired final diameter is obtained, and is rewound as drawn wire.

jacom steel wire drawing machine

wire graffiti machine

4. Grafiling machine: Allows the grafiling to be carried out on the drawn wire.

It is important to apply the drawing to the drawn wire when steel rod or electrowelded mesh for concrete reinforcement is manufactured.

5. PLC: Controls the electrical system of the wire drawing machine, allowing its speed and pulling force to be varied.

It is important that the PLC is carefully protected from the working environment and has a box designed for comfortable use.

control system for wire drawing machine

welding machine for drawn wire

6. Wire joining welding machine: Allows the union of two coils (or rolls) of wire drawn by means of a spot welder to fuse their lengths and offer coils in any weight.


1. internal water cooling system for rolling head.

2. Control system

3. main motor brake device.

4. More rollers design reduces stress.

5. Three position design for rolling head.

6. Transducer tail speed!

7. Tungsten carbide rolls.

8. Hydraulically pivoting coil formers.

9. Control Systems

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Raw material Black wire or galvanized wire.
Drawing range From 6.50mm to 2.20mm
Drawing steps Five (5).
Voltage 220v / 60 Hz.
Engines Five (5) of 11 KW each
Performance 500 Kgs / Hour.
Measurements of the machine 4200mm X 1100mm X 2850mm.
It includes 1) Calamine pickling machine.
2) Wire sharpening machine.
3) Drawing molds.
4) Gripper machine.
5) PLC.
6) Welding Joining Machine.

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