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Welded Wire Mesh Machine

Become a manufacturer of welded mesh panel sor rolls for construction industry, wire mesh fence, cages and racks, in any wire rod or rebar diameter.

Ideal for Steel welded wire mesh production for concrete reinforcement, panels in construction and security wire mesh fences, in a small area and noiseless.

The welded wire mesh panels are highly demanded and consumed in construction, either for concrete reinforcement or panels in walls, floors, roofs and other applications in constructions and building.

 automatic electrowelded mesh machine

Electrowelded mesh machine by feeding straightened rods

Having a welded mesh machine allows you to attend unlimited markets in many measures and productivity times. There is no doubt that is an investment with high return over investment (ROI).

You can use Steel wire coils of drawn wire or wire rod as a continous wire input system for the length wires. Fort he Cross wires you may need a Wire straightening & Cutting Machine which we also provide. You can also adjust the welding electrodes (welding pins) in order to produce different mesh holes.

JACOM Welded Wire Mesh Machines features:

-Automatic production.

-Avoid employees (workers / machine operators).

-High speed production.

-Sell to all kind of markets.

-Low energy consumption.

-High and fast ROI (return on Investment)

automatic welding machine

Our different models of Welded Mesh Machines allow you to produce welded wire mesh panels or rolls for:

– Concrete reinforcement.

– Cages (chickens, dogs, farms, etc…)

– Wire Mesh Fences

– Panels for Construction.

– Racks.

– Platforms.

We run our machines in your company:

When you order our machines, once it’s produced and delivered to your facilities, our technical staff vistis you in order to run the machine for free. It doesn’t matter if you are in United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia or Africa, we travel to your city and set the machine up for you.

 automatic mesh electrowelding machine

There are manufacturers that only require the welding mesh machine, but if you pretend to attend diversity of markets with its different wire diameters, mesh holes, mesh sizes, the best choice is you to buy:

  • Drawing Wire Machine: For manufacture any Steel wire diameter, starting from wire rod.

  • Wire Straighener & Cutting Machine: For manufacture straight Steel rebars.

  • Electrowelded mesh cutting machine: For manufacturing rigid panels
    or rolls.

  • Welded Wire Mesh Cutting Machine: For manufacture welded mesh panels.

  • Welded Wire Mesh Roller Machine: For manufacture welded mesh rolls steel grid.

  • Welded Wire Mesh Bending Machine: For manufacture the “V” shape of Wire Mesh Fences.

Get a price in less thatn 24hrs: E-mail: comercial@jacomgroup.com

 Electrowelded mesh machine for manufacturing building materials

Welded mesh machine with continous wire input system.

The Steel wire input is done by wire coils, passing through the multi-straightener wires machine. Then, it is welded with the previously straightened crossing wire that is supplier from above.

 machine for manufacturing electrowelded mesh panels

Welded mesh machine with straigh wire input system.

The wire input is done by previously straightened & cut wire. A worker would input the wire in the right position on the machine so it can be welded with the cross wire, also previously provided in uppser part of the machine.
Although this method requires a worker for wire input, it avoids to use a Welded Mesh Cutting Machine because the length wire will already have a specific length.

                                                                            Welded Wire Mesh Machine workflow for each wire input system

JACOM Welded Wire Mesh Models

  Mesh Wire Machine












Welding Points Transformers
ESMP 100-11-2065 1,00 2 25 50 2,00 3,50 41 3
ESMP 100-15-2065 1,00 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 11 3
ESMP 100-21-2065 1,00 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 15 3
ESMP 100-41-2035 1,00 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 21 3
ESMP 120-13-2065 1,20 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 13 3
ESMP 120-21-2065 1,20 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 21 3
ESMP 120-25-2065 1,20 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 25 3
ESMP 150-16-2065 1,50 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 16 3
ESMP 150-31-2065 1,50 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 31 3
ESMP 200-21-2065 2,00 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 21 3
ESMP 200-41-2065 2,00 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 41 3
ESMP 250-24-70120 2,50 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 24 3
ESMP 250-26-2065 2,50 6 50 150 2,00 6,50 17 3
ESMP 250-17-2065 2,50 40 50 150 2,00 6,50 17 3
ESMP 300-25-4070 3,00 6,10 100 150 4,00 7,00 25 4

All our models include:

Process Full Automatic
System Electromechanic
Wire imput Múltiple
Speed Variable
Control PLC
Transformers Power 480 KW
Main Motor 7 KW
Voltaje 220V 60 Hz
Raw Material Black Steel Wire or Galvanized Wire
Productivity 60 – 70 Times by Minute

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