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Cloth Teflon

Plastic Mesh Roll

Definition: It is a fabric made of fiberglass impregnated with PTFE, fabrics whose main feature is the antiadhesivity of its surface, in addition to resisting high temperatures and contact with certain chemicals.

In addition Teflon fabric also has great resistance to mechanics, also atoxicity, incombustibility, resistance to attack by oils, inks, varnishes and glues.

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Main uses and applications

  1. In the jaws of packaging machines and / or heat seals of films of Polyethylene, PP, PVC, etc.
  2. Used as anti-stick in laminating presses in the manufacture of boards.
  3. Lining of washing and drying tubs and drums in the textile industry.
  4. As conveyors working in ovens or under very demanding temperature conditions, or where the belt must be non-stick.
  5. As a coating of work tables and surfaces affected in the handling of adhesives, paints and other sticky materials.
  6. To cover tables, fountains or tapes that work with raw foods and / or in cooking processes as a sanitary and non-stick surface.
  7. In furnaces like curtains to avoid the loss of heat. (Silicone impregnated fabrics)


 Description   Thickness
 Teflon cloth with PTFE with adhesive (F-7008)    0.003” micras CM
 Teflon cloth with PTFE with adhesive (F-7013)  0.005” micras  CM 
 Teflon cloth with PTFE with adhesive (F-7015)  0.006 ” micras CM 


 Description  Thickness
Teflon of cloth PTFE Without adhesive (9008-AJ)   0.003”micras  CM
 Teflon of cloth PTFE  Without adhesive (9013-AJ)  0.005” micras CM
 Teflon of cloth PTFE Without adhesive   0.006 ” micras CM
 Teflon of cloth PTFE Without adhesive  0.010 ” micras CM

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