JACOM – Su proveedor de productos y maquinaria de acero para América Latina

About us?

We are manufacturers and exporters of steel wire processing machines and metal meshes, as they are:

Wire Drawing Machine.
Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine.
Multiple Wire Straightening Machine to form Steel Rods.
Mesh Electrosoldering Machine.
Electrowelded Mesh Rolling Machine.
Electrosolded Mesh Cutting Machine.
Folding Machine of Electrosolded Mesh.
Machine to make and fold castles.
Cyclonic Mesh Machine.
Barbed Wire Machine.
Wire Curling Machine.
Screen Mesh Weaving Machine.
Pollinating Rolling Machine.

Where do we deliver?

We deliver throughout Latin America, the United States and Spain, to any seaport in your country.
In Mexico, Colombia, the United States and Spain, we can deliver the machines to the door of your facilities.
For the rest of the countries, we deliver to your nearest seaport, from where you carry out the nationalization of the machine (if you do not have experience in this process, we will guide you how to do it easily).

We set them in motion for you.

Once our machines are in your facility, our team travels to your city/country to get them up and running and complete the delivery of the machines running at 100%.

In this way you do not need to have knowledge of machines or any type of engineering. We manufacture and deliver our machines to you already working in your facilities.

Why buy our machines?
Our machines will allow you:

1) Manufacture all types of machines automatically.
2) Avoid employees.
3) Reduce production costs.
4) To be able to manufacture measures that before you could not.
5) Accuracy in production.
6) Manufacture faster.
7) Expand your market.
8) Offer the best price to your customers.

1) We are direct manufacturers.
2) We train your personnel for its use and maintenance.
3) We deliver and start up in your facilities
4) We manufacture to your measure
5) We advise you on the development of your production
6) 40 years of technical and commercial experience

Meet our line of Machines


It manufactures drawn wire. Part of the steel wire rod as raw material and reduces its diameter as much as you want.


The screen mesh machine is easy to operate, to manufacture woven mesh of 2.0 mm – 12.0 mm wire diameter and fabric width of 0.50 mt – 2.70 mt.


It manufactures panels or rolls of electrowelded mesh for construction or metallic fence, in any diameter of drawn steel rod.


Weaves wire automatically, forming a continuous mesh with diamond openings and two and three twisted links.


The wire straightening and cutting machine is designed to straighten and cut steel rods from stainless wires, aluminum wire and PVC wire.  


This machine is fully automatic and produces double and triple twist barbed wire, with galvanized and PVC coated wire that is used for fencing.


The machine is of high power, has rollers that adjust to the ideal shape to produce profiles with an aesthetic and precise finish. 


The concertina machine is capable of continuously producing hundreds of concertina rolls to the desired size and diameter, with galvanized or stainless steel sheet.

Order now and receive the all-inclusive service, in which we deliver your machine set in motion in your facilities producing from day one.

Advantages of buying machines at JACOM

We are direct manufacturers

We train your staff for their use and maintenance

We deliver and start up in your facilities

We manufacture to your measure

We advise you on the development of your production

40 years of technical and commercial experience

If you want to know more details of the machines contact us Tel: (+52) 33 3825 4728 – Cel: (+52) 33 26202671 – E-mail: comercial@jacomgroup.com

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