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Cyclonic mesh machine full automatic

Our JACOM cyclonic mesh machine is a simple and economical solution for the manufacture of woven wire or single twisted wire, galvanized or PVC coated.

We are manufacturers of cyclonic mesh or chain link machines, so they are all 100% new.

full automatic cyclonic mesh machine

single twist cyclonic mesh weaving process

The cyclone mesh machine receives the wire from the roll holder to be bent. Then, automatically, the wire is woven with the link it has previously produced, forming a continuous mesh. Mesh roll widths range from 1.0 meters to 6.0 meters, depending on the width of the machine being ordered.

At the end of a mesh line, the fabric automatically moves forward, allowing a new wire link to enter and form the cyclonic mesh roll. The roll is unloaded from the machine at the operator’s convenience and the process continues automatically.


  1. 100% automatic.
  2. High production speed.
  3. Low investment.
  4. Does not require much space to operate.
  5. It does not emit more noise.
  6. Does not require special adaptation.
  7. Reduces raw material waste to almost zero.
  8. Versatile production. Diversity of openings and diameters.
  9. Works for both galvanized and PVC-coated wire.

cyclonic mesh machine production process

Ideal for:

  1. Manufacturers of Cyclonic Mesh.
  2. Cyclonic Mesh Installers.
  3. Steel hardware stores.
  4. Builders
  5. Fencing projects in civil works, buildings, security enclosures.
  6. Merchant of meshes and construction materials.
  7. Perimeter security companies.

Contact us in Mexico for all Latin America and Europe:

Tel: (+52) 33 3236 8661 –  E-mail: comercial@jacomgroup.com

Model Mesh Wire
Minimum Width (M) Maximum Width (M) Minimum Opening (M) Maximum Opening (M) Minimum Diameter (mm) Maximum Diameter (mm) Speed (M2 / Hour)
MACI 200-3075-1545 0,50 2 30 75 1,50 4,50 80-100
MACI 300-20100-1040 0,50 3 20 100 1,00 4,00 30-100
MACI 300-3075-1545 0,50 3 30 75 1,50 4,50 80-100
MACI 400-3075-1545 0,50 4 30 75 1,50 4,50 80-100
MACI 600-3075-1545 0,50 6 30 75 1,50 4,50 80-100

All our machines include

Process Full Automática
System Electromechanical
Wire Entry Two Threads
Speed Variable
Control Panel PLC
Voltage 220 V 60 Hz
Main Engine 5,50 KW
Engine Cut 2,20 KW
Motor Left Entorchado 0,75 KW
Coiling Motor 0,75 KW
End Finish Entorchado and/or Bending
Machine Width 4,50 Meters
High Machine 2,0 Meters
Long Machine 3,0 Meters
Machine Weight 1.800 Kilos
Wire Material Galvanized or PVC Coated Steel

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