Crimped mesh machine to make meshes in different calibers

crimped mesh machine full automatic

¿Do you manufacture crimped mesh for mining?

¿Are you in the mining and oil industry market?

¿Do you supply screens frequently?

Our JACOM automatic crimped mesh machine is ideal for manufacturing all crimped meshes in the mining industry (especially coal, sand and stone) and all applications requiring a mesh for sifting, shaking or sieving.

With our models of machines that allow the production of fine (crimped) and heavy (up to 1/2″ wire diameter) screens, you will conquer the market with a variety of measures at very low prices and without employees.

machine manufacturer of crimped mesh or crimped mesh


– 100% automatic.

– No operator required.

– Perfect quality (millimetric precision of the steps or openings. It does not lose the way in any stretch of the mesh).

– High production speed.

– Reduces production cost.

– It manufactures a variety of sizes (square, rectangular, flat face, special, self-cleaning, etc…).

– High productivity (higher production volume).

– Allows to respond to new and more demanding markets.


Our technical team will travel to any city (in any country) in Latin America and Spain to start up the screen mesh machine, delivering them already working in your facilities.

Our screen mesh line is composed of 2 machines:

Wire Curling Machine

It is in charge of figuring the wire according to the diameter it will work.

Model Wire Diameter  (mm)
Minimum Maximum
MARIZAL 2060 2,00 6,00
MARIZAL 50120 5,00 12,00

All of our wire curling machines include

System Electromechanical
Wire Feeding Continuous
Wire Cutting Automatic
Cutting Length Programmable
Cutting Quantity Programmable
Voltage 220 Volts
Frequency 60 Hertz
Material Galvanized, Stainless, PVC.
Curling iron engine 5,5 Kw
Cutter Motor 3,0 Kw
Long Machine 2,0 Meters
Machine Width 1,10 Meters
High Machine 1,80 Meters
Weight 330 Kgs

wire curling machine for crimped mesh

Wire Weaving Machine

It is the one that intertwines the wires to form the mesh with the desired step (opening).


Modelo Sistema Malla Alambre
Ancho Mínimo (M) Ancho Máximo (M) Abertura Mínima (mm) Abertura Máxima (mm) Diámetro Mínimo (mm) Diámetro Máximo (mm) Motors
MATE 200-2060 Electromecánico 0,50 3,00 3,00 50,00 2,00 6,00 1
MATE 200-50120 Electrohidrahulico 0,50 3,00 25,00 100,00 5,00 12,00 3

All of our Mesh Weaving Machines include:

Alimentación Alambre Manual
Motores Poder 2,2 y 1,1 Kw
Voltaje 220 Voltios
Frecuencia 60 Hertz
Maquina Largo 2,20 Metros
Maquina Ancho 4,0 Metros
Maquina Alto 1,60 Metros
Peso 3.000 Kgs
Material Galvanizado, Inoxidable, PVC.

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Products that can be manufactured

Mesh for siftings

Screen mesh in rolls of different calibers

Conveyor belts


Industrial Floors

Order online, according to your needs or contact us by any of our means and receive the machine according to your specifications.


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